Winter Engagement Pictures Algonquin and Crystal Lake

Engagement Photography in Algonquin with Heather and Seth

Winter Engagement Pictures Algonquin and Crystal Lake with Seth and Heather

Seth and Heather had just gotten engaged when they called us for an engagement photo session. They told us they’re planning to have their wedding in June, which we think is a perfect time. When we set out for their engagement photo session, it was incredibly cold. We decided to take advantage of the winter scene and head to Crystal Lake at Three Oaks.


We took a couple of shots of the couple walking along the bay. Seth loves coffee, so he brought along a hot cup, which we’re sure helped with the cold quite a bit! The couple is bundled up quite well and are holding on to each other for warmth. The couple later found a green swing bench, which they decided to sit and swing on. On the swing, Seth and Heather had a couple of private words with on another and we photographed them from a distance. We think this is our favorite photo, because the green color gives a good contrast to the snowy landscape you can see behind it.

When we stopped near the frozen water and took a little bit of time to photograph the couple sitting on turned-over boats, the couple decided to have a spontaneous snow ball fight. Actually, it was more like Seth decided to have a spontaneous snowball fight! As Heather was throwing snow up in the air, Seth found the perfect opportunity to pack a bunch of snow into his hand and throw it at Heather! It hit her quite good in the shoulder and she was certainly not expecting it. There was a lot of laughter going on.

We took quite a lot of winter shots at Three Oaks, so we went to downtown Algonquin and hung out by the Fox River. This location was a little better in terms of the weather, because we were a bit more sheltered and we didn’t receive the cold winds as much or as directly in our faces. Heather had an outfit change and wore a bright teal scarf with a black winter dress and heels. She looked very beautiful. In this location, the couple walked around quite a bit holding hands and sharing special moments with each other. To end this special winter engagement pictures in Algonquin and Crystal Lake, Heather and Seth packed a little snowball and placed the engagement ring on top of it.

Photography by: Doru & Claudia Halip

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  1. Wow I love this! Looks chilly, but fun! Great colours. 🙂

  2. What a lovely engagement session in Algonquin and Crystal Lake! Stay warm!

  3. Oh I just love these! Such a great location and time of year for engagement photos. Wonderful set!

  4. Gorgeous winter session! I love the one of the couple on the canoes!

  5. What a sweet engagement session. It’s looks about as wintery in Algonquin as it is where I am!

    1. Algonquin is pretty cold at this time! Photo Session are kind of challenging on this weather.

  6. This is so far one of my favorite engagement session!!! Love their chemistry and their interactions with each other. You have captured one of the gorgeous couple session!!!

  7. Brrrr! Looks like a cold session but you got some great photos for them anyway:) I really love the first shot of them snuggling against the boats with the frozen lake in the background. This whole session has a very nice serene feel:)

  8. What an amazing shoot!! It is so weird to look at my hometown Algonquin through such personal images!! You are a great photographer keep it up!!!

  9. I am blown away by these engagement pictures in Algonquin and Crystal Lake! I especially love that last photo of Heather holding the snowball with her ring! So beautiful!

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