Wedding Venue Inspiration: Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois

The Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois is such a stunning venue!

wedding Art Institute Chicago

Wedding Venue: Art Institute of Chicago

Your wedding day is the day where your marriage will begin. Every detail, from the stunning blooms to the best music, will contribute to the setting in which you begin your married life with your partner. So, it’s important to choose the right atmosphere to give your marriage the best start possible.

While deciding upon the best décor and food is important, you still need a base in which all of your gorgeous elements and entertainment can be presented.

Your venue is the base for your big day and will set the tone for your festivities. If you are at a loss for the perfect venue to host your own wedding within, we have a little inspiration for you.The Art Institute of Chicago of Chicago, Illinois
is a stunning location with so much to offer. If you are interested in booking a unique venue, be sure to keep reading to discover what this lovely one has to offer:

black and white wedding photo Art Institute

  • A majestic welcome. From the moment you arrive, you are greeted with towering, majestic statues. With floral displays and proud lion statues greeting every guest, you will certainly have a wedding venue that stands apart from the rest. This will certainly be a lovely welcome shot for your wedding photo collection as well.

Bridemaids Art Institute

  • Alluring art. What else would you expect at an Art Institute than exceptional art? From bronze statues and creativity, you can offer a cultural element to your big day with the lovely art on display that will be presented. You can expect to see many unique and different art exhibits that could complement your big day. These art displays can even add their own flare to your wedding photos.

creative wedding photo

  • Vintage glamour. If you are planning for vintage, glamour, or classy wedding theme, the Art Institute of Chicago has just the right setting for you. They offer classic spaces which will provide a stunning vintage appeal to your wedding. Your décor will do a great job of portraying this theme throughout your photos, but this beautiful venue will bring the overall essence to each photo.

groomsmen wedding photo

  • On-site catering, Bon Appetit. Finding the best caterer is another task on your to-do list. The Art Institute of Chicago features on-site catering, Bon Appetit. They are able to work with you to create the perfect menu for your wedding day, and your wedding budget. Their food features absolutely fresh ingredients for the season, and can be put together to create a completely unique menu for your event. Each dish will be a work of art, and you will certainly want to remember it.

With how much your wedding venue contributes to your big day, you will certainly want to choose only the best. The Art Institute of Chicago is a lovely venue that can add an artistic appeal to your big day, as well as many of its other amenities.

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