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Engagement Photo in Lincoln Park


 Engagement Photos in Lincoln Park with

Rob and Liz

The moments that lead up to the wedding day are just as important as the actual showdown.

If you’re wondering why we’ll tell you. Consider the steps before marriage, ‘the engagement’ the special factor is in the name. You ‘engage’ you heart, soul, time, and energy in showing your significant other how great and loving the rest of your life is going to be together.

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From the moment each engagement ring is placed upon quivering excited fingers marks the initiation stage of portraying a married couple. This is why we take engagement photos, as well as photos at the wedding, it’s because we can’t ever forget how much more important you become to each other the moment you pursued engagement.

For some cosmic reason, your true colors show during the engagement session of your life and a great engagement photo session will reveal the best friends, the hopeless romantics, the young adult novel stars, and more in the most comfortable and genuine characters.

In these photos you get the feeling that these two were meant to be judging by their matching expression, as if to say with serendipity that this is the natural order of our love, we’ve been ready.

The city for a background was marvelous. But Rob and Liz stood out the most with their smiles and their warm embraces. If love were an image it’d be a photo album of these two.

Rob and Liz will go on to have their wonderful wedding at Signature Room in the month of April 2014. Maybe, this is the reason for their satisfaction with each other; they’re already so close it must be showing. They decided to take advantage of both the Chicago architecture and the natural landscape that Lincoln Park had to offer.

They also wanted to integrate the champagne moment in their story. It was incredibly funny as the champagne popped unexpected causing the couple to share the wildest expressions. The park background illustrates their love, the architecture illustrates the power of their love, and the lighting from the sky, symbolizes acceptance from heaven.

The beauty of autumn engagement photos in Chicago is that leaves fall more beautiful than snow. This made for an enchanting time for everyone involved in this engagement photo session.

The engagement photos would be missing something if there weren’t special photos to show a little artistic value. So from a very far away distance, we took pictures of Rob and Liz standing on the bridge, looking at the camera and waving, one of those images that you have to look twice at to recognize.  All in all, everything went well, these two had an abundance to offer the camera, and even more to give to each other.

Photography by: Doru Halip 

Click to see their Wedding at Signature Room in Hancock Tower


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