Andrei & Oana | Photo Session Des Plaines

Mini Engagement Photo Session at Big Bend Lake in Des Plaines IL

Let me stop for a second to tell you that I am seriously the luckiest photographer in the world. My clients are always so wonderful to work with. That’s true of my photo session with Oana and Andrei.Oana and Andrei

I met up with the beautiful couple in Des Plaines at Big Bend Lake and the weather was perfect for photo-taking. We started during the golden hour. While the weather was fine, it was Oana and Andrei  that made this photo session such a blast. 

Romanian couple in Des Plaines Andrei and Oana photo session Photo Session Big Bend Lake  Photographer Des Plaines

As you can see from the photos below, this couple is not only photogenic, but also a close-knit couple who clearly love spending time together. Oana and Andrei are lucky to have each other.

Best Engagement in Des Plaines

Photo Session with Oana and Andrei by the Big Bend Lake in Des Plaines IL.

Poses at Engagement

Mini photo session with Oana and Andrei in Des Plaines Il for their engagement celebration.

Sunset Engagement

Golden Hour Engagement

Fall session

Candid Photos

Hope you enjoy the pictures!


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  1. Oana September 19, 2019 at 12:29 am #

    Words cannot express how unbelievable Doru is! Not only as a fantastic photographer, but as a person too. Knowing him for many years ago, he never stopped surprising us through his work. He is a true inspiration in so many ways: his dedication to work, to his family and close friendships. You can tell he really enjoys what he does. He goes above and beyond when it comes to capturing moments that last a lifetime. When we saw our photos we were simply amazed by the professional job he does. Doru, defines photography as a way of feeling, of showing love every day, and of touching peoples hearts through art. We can’t wait for the next photo session. Thank you, Halip Family, for this lovely surprise!🤗👏👏

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