The Advantages of Having a Smaller Bridal Party

Your bridal party is a big part of your big day!bridal party

There is no doubt that you are well loved and have a rich and fulfilling social circle. When you become engaged, it’s time to start choosing those special people that will be accompanying you at the altar. Whether you have five close friends or twenty-five, you will need to choose those special people who will contribute the best to your big day.

The predicament will present itself; how many bridesmaids should you have for your special day? Whether you try to save money or try to avoid hurt feelings, there will be many elements that can sway your bridal party choices.

We believe that sometimes, less is more. That’s why we have put together five reasons as to why you should avoid having a large bridal party. If you are curious about the reasons why you should limit the number of your bridesmaids and groomsmen, be sure to continue reading:One of the most sexy bridal parties

  • A Cozier Time Getting Ready.You and your bridal party members will be spending quality time together when getting ready. You can create a more intimate and meaningful environment for getting ready when your bridal suite isn’t busting at the seams with a large bridal party. There will also be more time for deep conversations and everyone to be heard, not to mention all of the meaningful photos that will be captured as you make new memories together.

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  • Your Best Friends Will Love You No Matter What. No matter what, you and your best friends will always be close. You have been through a lot together. They will understand if you choose to keep your wedding small, and they will continue to love you. Don’t ever feel obligated to invite others to join your bridal party. After all, this is your big day, and keeping your bridal party small and stress-free is something that your loved ones will respect.


  • You Will Have fewer People to Worry About. When you begin choosing your bridesmaids and groomsmen, you are adding more details that you will have to worry about. With every member, comes a whole new set of details to plan. By keeping the number to a minimum, you are also keeping the stress at a minimum. Attire, accessories, roles to play within your wedding; which each member comes their own set of needs.

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  • You Will Avoid Hurt Feelings. Keeping your bridal party small will mean that only those who you are absolutely closest to will be standing beside you on your big day. Whether they be siblings or best friends, you have chosen these people because they have made a big impact in your life. With a big bridal party, your choice will not be as intimate, and people’s feelings could get hurt if they were not chosen to be a member. With a smaller bridal party, others will be more understanding of your choice, and why you chose to keep the number to a minimum.


  • Less Room for Errors. With more bridal party members, comes more responsibilities. You will have many more people to manage, and stress levels have the potential to rise. With a larger bridal party comes the potential for more errors to arise. Keeping your number short and simple will allow you to relax and easily plan their roles so that fewer errors have the potential to occur.

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  • Saving Money. As the bride and groom, you have a financial responsibility for every bridesmaid and groomsmen within your wedding. Whether you are paying for the dress, suit, hair, makeup, or accommodations for your wedding day, you have a financial responsibility to your bridal party. You will save money if you choose to avoid a large bridal party.

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  • Your Friends Will Save Money Too. It is important for you and your partner to try and save money on your big day. But, your friends can save money too by not being a part of your big day. They won’t have to buy a dress or other wedding items, and they will get to sit back and enjoy your wedding to the fullest. In addition, the cost of bachelor/bachelorette parties will be less costly, as fewer people will be attending.

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  • More Creative Photos for Yourselves. The wedding day will pass fast and years after, you want to remember and show to your kids or even grandkids your wedding book. 

There are many reasons to keep your bridal party to a minimum, and these are just a few. No matter what, it is your wedding day, and your loved ones will always care for you. Be sure to do what makes you and your fiancé happy for your big day.

Here is a sample of a wedding with no bridal party – Signature Room Wedding.


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  1. Love this post. These are very good reasons to have a small wedding party – I had 3 myself and wish only 2! 🙂 Beautiful variety of wedding images as well!

  2. Great points on why a smaller bridal party is better. Beautiful images!

  3. Some great advice here, I totally agree! And gorgeous images by the way.

  4. So true!! Less is more I would say a perfect bridal party for me would be 3 and 3. Thanks for sharing this post!!

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