DL Loft Chicago Wedding

 Dana & Ryan – Intimate Wedding at DL Loft Chicago 

Congratulations Dana & Ryan! What a great day we had at DL Loft Chicago!

Dana got ready at the Lincoln Hotel near Lincoln Park.

getting ready at Lincoln Hotell hair spray at wedding mother of the bride Dana getting ready

When I first saw Dana at Lincoln Hotel  she was just doing some last touch ups. I asked her about the dress. Where did she find it, how did you choose it, how did you know it was the one?
“This was not my original dress. The dress I originally chose last year I am saving for the vow renewal and reception. I found this dress online About 6 weeks prior to the wedding for $150. I had ordered about 6 dresses to try on and none of the others compared to this one. Was A little reminiscent of my original dress too.”

Dana and Ryan did a first look at Lincoln Hotel then went for a photo session around the Lincoln Park. The session was was flawless. 

Hotel Lincoln Bride Portrait Dana and Ryan going for photos First photo op at Lincoln Hotel Overseeing Lincoln Hotel

We were able to  get the best photos possible of the couple’s special day.

Lincoln Park Photos bride groom portrait Dramatic wedding shot at Lincoln Park wedding candid shot Chicago Skyline in background Best view for wedding pic at Lincoln Park. photos in Lincoln Park wedding pic at North Avenue Beach Chicago Wedding Photo

 The reception was gorgeous! Everyone loved the space and the little open area in the back that served for the ceremony. The place was so cool that we couldn’t stop taking photos around. The whole day was amazing. great wedding place Wedding DL Studio DL Studio  Floral wall, on Lincoln Avenue The ultimate Paris apartment

wedding ceremony DL Loft DL Wedding Venue



Bride walking down the aisle Wows holding hands fun moment kiss the bride cake cutting

candid moments candid shot Last wedding photo shot DL Loft Wedding props

The Story

I wanted to find more about Dana and Ryan, so I sent them few questions and Dana was kind enough to answer all of them:

 1.) How did you two meet?
We met when I was 16 and he was 17 at stars and spikes athletic club in crystal lake. He worked on the soccer side while I played club volleyball there. We talked flirted every time we saw each other but just wasn’t our time and became friends. Fast forward 16 years and he reached out to me on Facebook. He had been living in California for 10 years. I was still Living in Cary teaching in round lake. We communicated for months. Since I had summer off I went to visit him in California for 3 weeks then another 2 weeks at the end of summer. Since he worked from home and we didn’t want to be apart, We decided that he would move back to Illinois and move in with me At the close of summer. All moved pretty fast because we knew we wanted to be together.
 2.) How did he pop the question?
He proposed to me on a beach in Ibiza, Spain. Was the second stop on our trip. We were in Barcelona first and ended the trip in London. The proposal Was very romantic. He Took me to restaurant el Carmen on the ocean and hired a photographer to capture the moment. I was clueless, Was a complete surprise. So much so that I gave him a hard time for rushing me through dinner and was not happy he would not let me order desert and finish my wine. But he was in a hurry and the photographer was texting him to hurry as the sun was setting. Needless to say it was perfect and he put a lot of thought and effort into it.
 3.) What was your favorite moment(s) from the wedding?
Getting Married! The first look with both my dad and Ryan. Was not expecting everyone to cry. And celebrating with our Close family and friends. Although All plans changed numerous times with covid I wouldn’t trade this small wedding for the world. We got to spend quality time with our loved ones, which would not have happened with 118 guests. Was more like a big dinner party In which we all could have fun and enjoy each other’s company. We are lucky we get to do it twice in 2 diff ways. Looking forward to our vow renewal and reception with all our family and friends in the near future.
 4.) How long have you been together?
Over 4 years
 5.) How would you describe your overall wedding experience?
It was perfect! Honestly, the venue DL loft, the weather, taking pictures with you, to the timeline, catering, and everyone that was there I don’t think it could have gone any smoother. I was nervous but also very relaxed and just let the day unfold as it did. Wouldn’t change a thing.
 6.) What advice would you offer to other couples planning a wedding?
If you are on the fence with having small wedding due to covid just do it! Even though it’s not what you may have pictured from the beginning it will still be perfect and the best day of your life. Save the big party for when the virus is not causing issues anymore. Also, ladies include your fiancé in the planning process. Even though he said go ahead and plan it, do whatever you want, I was surprised that Ryan had a lot of opinions on the wedding and things that he wanted. I think that probably surprised him too. Lol
7.) What photography-related advice would you offer to a couple?
Get a make-up artist, do your hair, get your nails done, as this is not a normal day and it will help in making your pictures turn out great! Also, find a photographer you like and trust. Doru, you were amazing. I am not the most photogenic and the way you directed Ryan and I on what to do/how to pose was very helpful. I’m terrible at pictures I feel like lol. Looking forward to having you at our next wedding!

 8) What were you most anxious, nervous or fearful about regarding your wedding day and what was the outcome?
Most anxious about the timeline and getting it all in. Was literally the only thing that was making ryan and I nervous. So many little details to plan. Also, all the work our parents had to do with the setup and take down of decor, food, and drinks at the venue. Will be happy that at the next wedding they will have none of that to worry about and can just enjoy themselves. We could not have done anything if this without them. It took a village to put this together.

I Honestly took others advice and just enjoyed every part of the day and soaked it all in. Yes I was nervous with all attention on me at the wedding but once I saw Ryan I was all good.

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