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Ceremony and Reception at Concorde Center Woodstock IL

As a Woodstock IL Wedding Photographer I couldn’t be happier to photograph this beautiful wedding at the Concorde Centre.

To make a wedding seem so casual is to bear witness to unpretentious love. Laura and Derek along with the most honest, and supporting family really brought the essence of a destined wedding to this wedding photography in Woodstock IL. The wedding took place in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. The couple wasn’t new to our cameras; they had their engagement photos taken in St. Charles area last year. They don’t live to far from our studio; they are from Lake in the hills where the bride and bridesmaid got ready for their big event.

Laura the bride wanted very much to havae photos taken of her beautiful young niece as well as her beloved dog—to remember the best of things from their wedding day. I would say family love was the theme. All of the groomsmen were getting ready at Concorde Centre in Woodstock. Concorde Centre is a well-known barn in Mc. Henry County that was bought by a family who transformed it into a beautiful place where all kinds of events such as this humbling experience take place. It truly made for an amazing wedding session.

Laura and the bridesmaids arrived at the Ceremony in a retro type limo, vintage style, from Cosmopolitan Limousine.. Before seeing the groom Laura made her way to a very import family member in her life, the groom’s father, to say thank you. His presence, with his disability, gave evidence to how important everyone felt towards this wedding coming true. Even Mother Nature participated in the ceremony outdoor, while the weather played tricks on us leaping from sunny to rainy, to rain again which called a photo session in the rain and umbrellas at the wedding—because the show must go on.

After the ceremony ended we all went to the photo session around the beautiful place at Concorde. The beauty of autumn shined bright through the rain; once the photo session was ready we went for the cocktail party to enjoy the festivities. The reception started by presentation of the wedding party. Ron Johnson a DJ from DJ MIM entertained the party until the clock struck midnight. There was a lot of fun shooting, the mother’s received roses, the first dance, and everyone showing that they had happy feet, even in cowboy boots. There was a violinist, cake cutting, the garter toss, and the throwing of the bouquet. A unity cross watched over the ceremony and it was a symbol of one of the best things that can happen to two people.

Photography by: Doru & Claudia Halip 

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  1. Beautiful wedding photos! I especially love the silhouette sunset photo, the Concorde Center is a really great wedding location overall!

    1. Thank you Anastasia ! The Concorde center in Woodstock is the best venue in the area! I really loved and is so inspirational!

  2. Great wedding photos!

  3. beautiful photos! You did such an amazing job! I’m sure they have loved all of their photos! 🙂

    1. Thank you Jiyeon! Laura and Derek love their wedding photos!

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