Wedding at Signature Room

                      Liz and Rob wedding in Chicago at Signature Room

It was a special day in Chicago for both Liz and Rob. For every woman, it was a dream comes true. Liz was getting ready for her wedding with the help of her parents and her two cleanly dressed bridesmaids at the Peninsula Hotel Chicago. Their wedding reception was held at the stunning and gorgeous Signature Room in Hanckock Tower.

We had previously experience photographing in Hancock Tower with Erica and Greg.

In the Signature Room, the tables were set and elegantly covered in pink and yellow flowers with freshly lit candles. Everyone who attended the wedding dinner could overlook Chicago’s beautiful skylines and had an excellent ocean view.

Peninsula Hotel Chicago.

Liz was simply beaming with light and Doru, the wedding photographer, captured her innocent glow with his camera. Each of the bridesmaid girls wore a deep magenta dress with a flower pinned to their sides. Their dresses brought out the purity of Liz’s white and crisp wedding dress and she was definitely the center of attention. When it was time to meet the groom and his groomsmen at the church, Liz and the bridesmaids left in a carriage to meet her soon-to-be husband at the Holy Name Cathedral.

Meanwhile, across the city, the groom and his five groomsmen prepared for the big day at Westin Michigan Avenue with their wedding photographer, Claudia.

Claudia had fun helping them pose and selected some interesting locations within the hotel for the men. The groom wore a traditional tuxedo with a silver tie underneath. His groomsmen were nicely dressed and each wore fitting tuxedos with matching ties. Like the groom, they each had a pink flower pinned to their jackets.

When the ceremony began, the mothers of both Liz and Rob lit a unity candle. Liz and Rob proceeded to put flowers down below the Statue of Mary to honor her and then they too lit their own unity candle. The priest began the ceremony and there was a joyful silence in the church as everyone listened to the priest. The guests sat quietly and took photos of the memorable moment and when the priest announced both the bride and groom’s unity, silent tears of joy were shed by some of the guests. It was an incredibility emotional, yet memorable moment for everyone present.

on Michigan-avenue




Wedding photos were taken of the couple with the beautiful Chicago scenery in the background from Adler Planetarium. In many of the photos, you can see the elegant building designs of the John Hancock Building. Before the party began, both the bride, bridesmaids, groom, and groomsmen all stood by the riving overlooking Chicago city and posed with nothing but smiles and joy.



Signature Room night photo during wedding
Signature Room wedding reception

Liz and Rob were excited to be at the Signature Room in Chicago for their wedding reception. Rob made a small speech and thanked everyone for attending their wedding. The decorations in the room were very well detailed and the cake looked stunning. It was a white wedding cake with very subtle detailing and a fresh white flower placed in the middle of it.

Once again,

Congratulation Liz and Rob !!

We must mention Tracy the manager in charge of the Signature Room.

She made sure everything was in place!!


band – Final Say

limo for the bridal party- Night Star Limousine

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