How Important Are Your Wedding Shoes For Your Photos?

 Your Wedding Shoes 

The best way to remember your big day is to capture it via camera. Having formal and informal photos can let you relive the day, thinking back on it fondly. However, to get the perfect pictures, you will need to do some prep work, working closely with your photographer to finalize details like the style and type of photos you want, how long you want them there for, and the time of day that is best for your portraits. What you might not have thought about is how important your shoes are for your photos. This guide is here to show you why shoes matter so much.
If you are getting married particularly early in the day and the best lighting for formal photos isn’t until much later, it is vital to remember that you will be wearing your shoes for a long time. The last thing you want to feel is uncomfortable in your shoes and hike around your venue, trying to get all the shots you’ve planned with your photographer. This is why you need the most comfortable pair of shoes. Flat shoes are becoming popular because of this, but if you want heels, make sure you have broken them in with plenty of time or have gone for a style that offers ultimate comfort all day long, such as a block heel rather than a stiletto. This way, when your photo session rolls around, you will still feel amazing and excited to get those long-awaited snaps.

The Classic Shoe Shot
The Classic Shoe Shot
One of the most requested photos to take on the wedding day is a picture of the bride’s shoes, sometimes with her bridesmaids or next to the groom’s. Therefore, you will want to think carefully about the style of shoe you choose. Does it reflect the rest of the wedding theme? Are they in pristine condition? Will they work on their own, or do they need accessories around them? So, while you may want to opt for a pair of shoes you’ve had for years, consider that you could have the traditional photo session of them on the day.

bride with short dress
Short Dress
Although most brides choose floor-length dresses covering up their feet, you may prefer a much shorter style, meaning your shoes will be displayed to your guests and in your photos. Spend some time finding bridal shoes that work with your dress and the rest of the décor and vibe of your wedding. You might be wearing pearl accessories, like earrings or hair accessories. Find a pair of shoes that also uses pearls in their design to add cohesion to your day and your wedding portraits.
You may have a stunning venue that will result in the most magical shots, so don’t let your shoes come in the way of you achieving these. If your shoes easily sink into the ground, it could make it difficult to get around the venue to take all the shots you want. If this is the case, consider having a backup pair of shoes just for wedding photos that can handle most terrain or getting heel protectors that sit on the bottom.

bridal shoes
They Boost How You Feel
Finally, the shoes you select can go a long way in helping you feel confident and beautiful when taking your photos. If you feel most confident when wearing Converses, do this; it will show in your wedding photos. However, if you want to feel elegant and beautiful in your photos, wear a pair of high-heeled sandals, and this will also shine through.



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