Mercantile Hall Burlington  Winter Wedding

Capturing Love and Light: A Winter Wedding at Mercantile Hall with Natalia and Zach 

Winter weddings possess a unique charm, casting a magical glow over every moment. This February, I had the pleasure of photographing the heartfelt union of Natalia and Zach at Mercantile Hall in Burlington, WI. Their story is one of serendipity, resilience, and unwavering love, and their wedding day radiated with joy and warmth despite the chill in the air.

first look at Mercantile Hall
first touch
Zach and Natalia

Natalia and Zach’s journey to the altar began long before their wedding day. Although they attended the same high school, their paths didn’t cross until they found themselves in classes together at their local community college. Fate intervened when Zach orchestrated a romantic trip to San Diego, envisioning it as the perfect setting to propose. Despite a hurricane disrupting his plans, Zach’s proposal on the beach at sunset sealed their destiny.

As Natalia reminisced about her favorite moments from their wedding, it was evident that every aspect was cherished. From the exhilarating anticipation of seeing Zach for the first time to the treasured hours spent with loved ones as she prepared for her big day, every memory was a testament to the love and support surrounding them. Despite being six months pregnant, Natalia danced the night away, basking in the love that filled the room. Before the ceremony we had a chance to lure around the venue to get some fun photos with the couple and bridal party.

ivy wall portrait

the wedding couple fun picture
Happy couple in a camper
Zach and Natalia by the brick wall at Mercantile
Bridal Party in front of Mercantile Hall

Bridal Party walking and talking
ghosts around the couple
bridesmaids having fun
fun at Mercantile
Zach and Natalia by the coffee shop
greetings from Burlington WI

The wedding planning journey was not without its challenges, but Natalia’s advice to prioritize the bond between partners rang true throughout. Amidst the whirlwind of opinions and decisions, she and Zach remained steadfast in their commitment to each other, ultimately creating a day that reflected their unique love story.

Natalia’s bridal journey was a reflection of her individuality, as she sought a dress that embraced her style while still exuding bridal elegance. Her experience at Anthropologie’s Chicago location stood out for its warmth and authenticity, mirroring the intimate vibe she sought in her wedding attire.

Natalia passing their engagement picture at Mercantile Hall
Mercantile Hall ready for the wedding
table design

Sweet table at Mercantile

Despite the inevitable nerves and anxieties that come with wedding planning, Natalia and Zach found solace in the knowledge that their love would guide them through. Their wedding day unfolded seamlessly, a testament to the careful planning and unwavering support of their loved ones.

The wedding ceremony at Mercantile Hall was a heartwarming affair, filled with personalized touches that reflected Natalia and Zach’s unique bond. Officiated by their best friend, the ceremony was a deeply intimate and emotional experience, as they exchanged vows in the presence of their loved ones. Against the backdrop of Mercantile Hall’s rustic elegance, the ceremony served as a poignant reminder of the profound connection shared between Natalia, Zach, and their closest friends and family. It was a moment of pure love and authenticity, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives together.

wedding ceremony
bride on the aisle
nervous bride
ceremony at Mercantile
ring exchange

the wedding rings

you may kiss the bride
presented as husband and wife

Their first dance to “Better Together” by Jack Johnson encapsulated the essence of their love, a harmonious blend of two souls destined to be intertwined. The choice of Mercantile Hall as their wedding venue perfectly encapsulated their contrasting styles, blending old-world charm with modern sophistication

Speech by the groom .

As Natalia reflected on the unexpected twists and turns that led them to their winter wonderland wedding, she expressed gratitude for the journey that brought them to this moment. Despite the initial plans for a destination wedding in Mexico, fate had other plans, leading them to a celebration surrounded by their nearest and dearest.

In capturing Natalia and Zach’s love story, I was reminded of the magic that unfolds when two hearts align. Their winter wedding at Mercantile Hall was more than just a celebration; it was a testament to the enduring power of love, resilience, and the beauty of embracing life’s unexpected moments.

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