Nick and Simona getting married at Crystal Garden Michigan


Nick and Simona wedding at Crystal Garden Banquet

  Photo session at Ann Arbor 

The unlucky 13th?  Well, for the young couple Simona and Nick this was far from true. They celebrated the happiest day of their lives precisely on the 13th. We were more than happy to join them in their celebration capturing the most amazing moments of their wedding in Michigan.

We felt so much at home, especially as we knew most of the guests from Dimi’s wedding, Nick’s brother.

At the beginning of the story

That the love happens when you least expect it shows the story of how Nick and Simona met. Traveling through Eastern Europe, Nick was in search of new cultures and experiences. Little did he know that this is where he will meet his future bride. In Romania, between sightseeing and coffee drinking, one couple fell in love. From then on, every year Nick flew back to Romania until finally, Simona arrived in Michigan in 2014. The wedding day was set immediately, as they wanted to share their love with all their family and friends.

Pentecostal Wedding in Michigan

While the groom was trying to tie that bow tie neatly, the bride was doing final preparations with the help of her friends and family. After the preparations, they headed off to the Bethel Romanian church, where they exchanged their “I dos” in a traditional Pentecostal wedding. The love permeated every corner of the church as the pastors, parents, and friends joined in the prayer for the couple’s happiness and new life together. After a couple of hours spent at the church, all guests continued the celebration at Crystal Gardens Banquet Center.

Floral Celebration at Crystal Gardens Banquet

A pure perfection, Crystal Garden, decorated beautifully with burgundy and lilac roses, oozed the sense of love and romanticism. The cake was a perfect reflection of both bride and groom, with its elegant form and zircons all the way to the blue bows. The guests showed their happiness as well as their support for the couple in each photo we took. While the celebration was heating on, our couple in love sneaked out for a photo session at Ann Arbor.

A photo session at Ann Arbor

Walking down the beautiful lively student city, we managed to capture the spirit of it in all of the photos. The beautiful architecture oozed the sense of grandeur from its every building. The couple permeated the love and happiness. The graduates we ran into provided the fun and quirky sense to this astounding photo session at Ann Arbor.

We had so much fun, from the very beginning to its end, and we wish all the happiness and never-ending love to Simona and Nick. Congratulations!

Vendors: Crystal Garden Banquet

floral arrangements: Vatamaniuc Nelly

make up and hair style: Penina Polocoser

videography : Media in Black

Doru Halip 


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