Ocean Isle Beach Wedding

Diane and Mike – Destination Beach Wedding – Ocean Isle NC

Heading to Ocean Isle Beach for Diane and Mike’s wedding, We knew that it was going to be an extraordinarily special day.

I asked Diane why they chose this locale (I mean… who wouldn’t want to spend time here?!) and she said, “We chose NC bc we wanted a destination wedding and also due to family travel restrictions. So we chose a state side beach destination.” 

Their  wedding experience was fun& relaxed. Well, that was the recipe for Diane and Mike’s wedding held at Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina.

getting ready

Diane portrait Diane knew this was the dress because she never felt more beautiful! 
groom walking down the aisle
first look
bride walking down the aisle
wedding on Myrtle Beach
Reading the vows was their favorite moment of the wedding. 

beach wedding
first kiss
first kiss as husband and wife
walking into skies

Obviously, it was a deliriously perfect, photo-worthy day: 

portrait on the beach
walking around Myrtle Beach

holding the bride and spinning around
butterflies wanted the bridesmaids
bridal party
dip on the beach
wedding photo session on the beach
dancing on the beach
water and sky

group photo with all the guests
columns portrait
kissing between the collumns
wedding pic at the balcony

romantic kiss
Ocean Isle wedding

Diane wore 2 wedding dresses that fit seamlessly into the cream-colored sand and blue skies, and I love that Mike went classic.A softly colored tuxedo that complemented her dress. And I know what you’re thinking… what kind of shoes do you wear to a beach wedding? Definitely not heels… The answer is: Neutral-colored flip flops that were as stylish as they were practical!

wedding reception
cheers from the bride and groom
bird assisting at the wedding
cutting the cake

first dance
first dance reflected in the pool
first dance with the house in the bacdrop
sun touches the couple
dip during the first dance
Diane going to the ocean
bride and bridemaids walking by the beach
fun photos on the beach
bridesmaids playing on the beach
bride on Myrtle Beach
smoking cigar and drinking champagne

night time in Myrtle beach

Diane and Mile met on match .com and as Diane mentioned this wedding was EVERYTHING she dreamed the first time!!

Congratulation Diane and Mike! May your future be filled with beaches and days as glorious as this!

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