January Wedding in the Chicago area

White Pines Golf and Banquet in Bensenville wedding

Beautiful January Wedding in the Chicago Area

Laura and Florin getting married at White Pines Golf and Banquet in Bensenville

I met with Laura at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel in Woodale, IL on January 3rd. She was getting ready with the help of her sister, Lorena, and her niece, Natalie.

As she was getting ready, her son was playing with the wedding rings and eventually fell asleep with them in his hand. When the bride had finished getting ready and was ready to go, we didn’t want to wake her son up because he looked so peaceful.

Laura wore a traditional white dress with an elegant pearl necklace on.

We left the Double Tree Hotel to go to the White Pines Golf and Banquet in Bensenville, IL. The weather outside was a bit cold and it rained a little bit. It was at just the right temperature that when the water hit the ground, it broke into ice crystals. We were careful in moving Laura’s dress with her, because we didn’t want the bottoms to get ruined by the ice.


Laura was able to see her husband for the first time that day when she arrived at the ceremony. Florin wore a traditional tuxedo with a light blue bow tie around his neck. Florin is of Romanian decent and also has children from a previous marriage. His children are a bit older than Laura’s and they were incredibly happy to see their dad get remarried. It was a beautiful January Wedding in the Chicago area. The priest said some joyous words about the couple and when the ceremony was over, the cocktail hour started almost right away.

wedding photo in the rain with Laura and Florin
White Pines Golf and Banquet in Bensenville wedding

This was the perfect time to take pictures of Laura and Florin’s new family and to have memorable moments together with their friends. The bride and groom were introduced by the reception and they hired singer Louis Alfredo to sing very passionately in Spanish while dinner was being served to the guests. The table placements was also in a light blue theme and Laura’s niece, Natalie, helped cut the cake with the couple. After Louis Alfredo’s spectacular hour-long performance, DJ Rayto played and encouraged the father/daughter dance and bride/groom dance to happen. Once done, the DJ went on to play a mix between Romanian, Spanish, and some American hits while everybody was on the dance floor having fun.

Music: singer Louis Alfredo and DJ Rayto

Venue: White Pines Golf and Banquet in Bensenville

Videographer: Rado Radkov

Photography: H Photography

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  1. Beautiful wedding pictures! Congratulations!

  2. Gorgeous Chicago Wedding!! I love your images! You did an amazing job with this wedding!

  3. Congratulations to the beautiful couple! Love your use of OCF!

  4. Beautiful photography! This looks like it was an awesome wedding to be a part of. I especially love the sleepy little guy with the rings. Good thing he didn’t lose them! lol

    1. Thank you Emily! It was fun photographing the little boy with the rings.

  5. Beautiful!! Love the backlit images!!

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