Rachel & Ben / St. Charles WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY /Arcada Theater Ceremony & Hilton Garden Inn Reception

Rachel & Ben / St. Charles WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY /Arcada Theater Ceremony & Hilton Garden Inn Reception

St. Charles is widely considered as one of the best and most suited locations around among couples for engagement and wedding photography.

I can easily call myself as St. Charles’ wedding photographer considering the fact that I have done numerous engagement sessions there.

Our couple Rachel and Ben had their wedding in St. Charles area which is a suburb in Kane County. This new place was quite pleasing for me as we have special associations with this area.

I can truly say that the couple looked absolutely gorgeous. Ben looked elegant as he was dressed in his black suit with a purple tie which by all means complimented the theme of the event. Rachel on the other hand looked stunning in her white wedding gown.

The wedding ceremony was arranged at Arcada Theater which is historically famous and well known for holding performances of famous local stars.

Ben and Rachel got ready and dressed at Hilton Garden Inn where both were accompanied by their friends and family. I made sure that all the small details of their special day were captured so that Ben and Rachel could cherish those moments throughout their lives.

Ben and his friends shared some happy drinks before we moved to the Hilton Garden Gazebo  where we captured Ben and Rachel seeing each other. The couple looked stunning and I was surprised by their chemistry as it made it less challenging for me to put them into poses.

The photos in the garden at dusk are my personal favorites as the lightening and color contrast was just fabulous.

The photo session was followed up by the wedding reception which again was arranged at Hilton Garden. I personally loved the theme of the reception and also loved the setting. It turned out to be a very lively reception with cocktails being served and games being played from the both sides.

Ben and Rachel started off their wedding life with ultimate love and joy presented to them by their loved ones. And of course the  wedding cake was mouth-watering.

Photography: Doru Halip – H Photography

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