Tanya and Wayne  Outdoor Wedding Barrington

 wedding photos in BarringtonOutdoor Wedding Barrington 

 Tanya and Wayne wedding ceremony at Citzens Park Barrington 

It was a special day for both Tanya and Wayne as they were getting ready for their wedding day. They chose to have the wedding ceremony outdoor in Barrington at Citzen’s Park and the pair prepared for the traditional event at opposite ends of town.

Tanya and her friends got dressed at the maid of honor’s house in Algonquin. The environment at the house was upbeat and friendly and Jessica from Just Gorgeous was helping the girls to put make up on. Tanya got into her graceful white wedding dress.

The bridesmaids were wearing royal blue dresses and helped the bride-to-be get ready. As her dress was long, her bridesmaids had to help her put on her shoes. When everyone had finished getting ready, the women set off to go to the pool for some fun photos.

Next step was  to the wedding ceremony in Barrington to meet with Wayne and his groomsmen. The women in blue contrasted perfectly with Tanya and the bright green Barrington grass. Everyone took their time to pose for the wedding photo session in Barrington Park before the wedding started. The groomsmen also looked the part as everyone wore blue ties with green flowers pinned to their jackets. Wayne wore a white tie with a soft white yellow flower next to his pocket.


Wayne and Tanya were already familiar with wedding photographer as he helped photograph them for their engagement photo session in Chicago. They had one of their photos from the engagement photo session in the middle of the wedding entrance for everyone to see the delighted couple together. As the wedding ceremony begun, things got a bit emotional for some of the women in the crowd and for the bridesmaids too.

 After the couple had said their I Do’s, they went back to the park for a quick photo session with friends and family. Once done, they entered into a limo and headed to the wedding reception La Seville in Streamwood IL.

The wedding reception at La Seville was stunning. The plates and setting was very nicely presented to the couple and their close friends and family. Mike the DJ from ” Something to Celebrate” did an amazing job!

The couple had their first dance and the entire room stopped in silence to watch the two smiling and dancing together. 

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  1. I love how you’ve captured Tanya and Wayne’s wedding!! the perspective you give in these photos is very unique and fun!!

    1. Gabrielle, thanks a lot! Tanya and Wayne was such inspiration for unique posing!

  2. LOVE! This is absolutely stunning and the colors are so vibrant. Gorgeous for an outdoor wedding.

    1. Thank you Kristen! It was a great outdoor wedding in Barrington IL.

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