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Andra & Tudor
The bride, Andra, she simply was the swan princess, in her flowery designed, ruffled gown that mimicked the petals on a wild white rose. Standing happily at her side was, Tudor, the groom.  The two lovers shared an energy seen in two longtime friends, consequently because the two have been in each other’s hearts for many years before their matrimony. The two shared a childhood together; a chemistry built there, that brought them to desire adulthood together as well.  Never underestimate the power of young love. The most common yet most forsaken love there is, it is truly amazing when two lovers know early into their relationship that they are destined to be. The wedding photography depicts the end of a chapter, the expressions worn by the bride and groom show us all how happy that journey must have been, and lastly, the event was a page turner to the start of their sequel.

The photo session for Andra began at her grandmother’s house. Where her smile attempted to break free all throughout the process; even while she applied lip balm onto the lips that soon would pronounce hush words, that would change her and Tudor’s lives forever. He confidently prepared for his moment at his own home, arriving in a sharp black tuxedo, white button up, topped off with a black bow-tie. The photo session expanded and took place in a local train station. Timing was improbable, where a train like the Orient Express had just departed, but seconds in time to be caught in a nice shot. (Sofia – Moscow). Another location where Kodak moments were made was at an old historic fortress. The wedding took place in Romania. Whereas the reception took place at the Imperium a beautiful venue at the entrance to the city. Furthermore, the unforgettable ceremony took place in a historic church named the “Red Tower.” What would a ceremony be without family, tradition, music, dancing, and surprises? It wouldn’t be much of a ceremony at all, so indeed, Andra, and Tudor had it all, Music adorned by DJ Gaby. Love occupied the venue due to the electrically warming presence of all the guests who showed for the event. To really make the night memorable, the first dance had an interesting effect caused by smoke from carbonic ice.  However, the most memorable moment of all, wasn’t happening on the dance floor, or in the surprise, themselves. It was how everything came together, and how marriages bring people together, and how beautiful it was to see these two—together.

Photography: Doru Halip

Assistant: Edward Green

Wedding Venue : Imperium

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