Trash the dress Photography

Trash the dress Photography Trash The Dress Photography


trash the dress in water

Ideas for Trashing the Dress Photography


One of the biggest trends to emerge in the bridal industry is ripping your dress to shreds, aka trashing your dress. This allows brides to get the bridal pictures they truly wanted because they are able to release their inhibitions and not worry about damaging their dress before the big day. Although you can trash your dress any way you want, we have created a list of four ideas to inspire you in your mission to trash your dress.


Go Swimming

Take your gown to the beach or to your favorite pool and ham it up. We have seen some truly stunning pictures from brides that decided to take their dresses swimming and we guarantee that you will be in awe as well. An added bonus of taking your dress swimming is the underwater shot. Water creates buoyancy and gives an ethereal element to any underwater photographs, so be sure to include at least one of those shots in your photos.

trash your dress

Play with Fire

That’s exactly what we mean. We were agog when we saw a Hawaiian bride’s trash the pictures that were taken on top of a volcano. The lava, rocks and flames just looked absolutely stunning on contrast to her white dress. Yes, this shot isn’t for the faint of heart, but my, talk about jaw-dropping and beautiful.

Go Gardening

gardening in wedding dress

Well, you don’t always need to come close to setting yourself on fire to get an amazing photo. Sometimes all you need to be is down to earth. Go out in the forest, visit the botanical gardens or take a trip to Yellowstone and see Mother Nature in all of her glory. It’s all there for your enjoyment.

Make Art

amazing photo

Of course, the photos are art in itself, but we are suggesting that you make art while making art. Get your hands on some holi powder and throw it around for fun or turn into a kid again and fingerpaint. Get down and dirty with some color and don’t be afraid to get it on your dress, that’s what trashing is all about.


Trashing your wedding dress is more fun than you may think. It is a stress-reliever that allows you to breathe and have fun after your wedding. It is your second chance to get the shots you couldn’t get before you walked down the aisle and we love second chances. in an online retailer of quality wedding dresses, bridesmaid gowns, and wedding accessories. SimplyBridal now delivers to North America, much of Europe, and parts of Asia. There are over 400 wedding dress styles and bridesmaid dresses come in 28 colors.

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