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Wedding Photography at Villa Olivia in Bartlett with Kim and Matt

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Many beautiful pictures were taken at this magnificent wedding. Timeless moments were captured pre-wedding, during, and after. One common theme was seen throughout the session, this couple would not for any more than a few seconds, hold back their smiles and enchanting expressions. Love was entirely in the air.


The wedding took place at Villa Olivia, a beautiful resort In the Bartlett area of Chicago.  But the unforgettable moments and wedding photography leading up to the event started in the fitting room. The bride smiled with her pearly whites wearing pearls on her neck, yet in her sparkling blue eyes were diamonds that shined quite differently. She looked in lovely, glancing at her features, but she looked in love looking into the windows to her soul. The groom was just as handsome as she was beautiful, wearing a black tuxedo with a white button up underneath sealing the masterpiece with a dark green bow tie. Green being symbolically perfect as it is the color of nature, fertility, and life. Something these two will share for a lifetime as their vows, their actions, their commitment has stated.

I’ve never seen two smiles that match completely in energy and happiness like theirs. 97 guests came out to witness a blessing from above, they enjoyed mixed music, cake cutting dancing, champagne, and things you can only imagine were reality. The wedding ceremony was held outside, bridesmaids, groomsmaids and all, looked beyond happy for the couple. Looks of encouragement more than acceptance, as if to say ‘hurry up and marry each other, aren’t we late at doing this.’ The couple seemed as though they were renewing vows they’ve spoken lifetimes ago, these are all depictions of them being completely perfect for each other. To have the fire, before igniting it, to be committed before commitments, to act on love long before confessing it—this is clearly what they shared. The Bridal party was amazing, joyous, and relaxing. The couple danced together, swapping parents, friends danced around them, music adorned the moment, and the photographer captured it all.


Marriage isn’t a choice. Although people make it seem that way, it’s hard to make it seem that black and white. It’s a guided process, factoring in the love felt between lovers, parents, friends, so potent that he pops the question at wimps of impulse. She accepts in reflex. Our bodies walk us down that isle, our hearts guide us in this direction, and our souls marry. Long before we think we made the choice to tie the knot.

Here is another creative wedding from Villa Olivia in Bartlett.

copy: Kyial Robinson

Photography: Vlad Vlasyc



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