Wedding Photography Glenview IL

wedding photography Glenview IL

wedding dress hang it .jpggetting ready.jpgbride Mariah .jpgwedding rings .jpgblack and white portrait.jpgplacing the wedding ring.jpggroom getting ready.jpggetting ready at  Redfield Estate.jpgbride in mirror.jpgbeuatiful bride bouquet.jpggroom Matt portrait.jpggirls at wedding.jpgcynthia - mother of the bride.jpggroom and groomsmen.jpgphotojournalistic at wedding.jpgwedding vowel.jpgbride and groom.jpghappy ever after.jpgjournalistic style.jpgbride posing.jpgMatt & Mariah.jpgphoto session .jpgThe Grove Pavilion.jpggrandmother .jpgbrides maids.jpgtraditional group photo.jpgwedding in Glenview IL .jpgbride and groom dancing.jpgcynthia dancing.jpgmother son dance.jpgcrying at speech.jpgspeech.jpgbride throwing the bouquet.jpgcatching the bouquet.jpgthrowing the garder.jpgbouquet and garter.jpginvitations.jpgchampagne.jpgprops at wedding.jpgcutting the cake.jpgfather daughter dance.jpgkissing the bride.jpgwedding cake.jpgthe wedding cake.jpg

What makes a wedding? It starts at the mere idea of the fantasy. Perception is everything, this is why a professional photographer is important to have,—the photos must capture the ideal dream. In the photo session everything that can make a wedding was revealed: Family, tradition, culture, overbearing reception locations, a live performance, flower girl, ring bearer, maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids, groomsmen, happiness, love, union.  It played out just as a fairy tale. The idea transformed into reality on June 20, 2013 for Mariah and Matt. The photo session started with the soon to be married couple, getting ready for the event. The dress had been raised in front of a window garnished by tall golden window curtains. The light casted a glow on the dress, that carried on with the bride throughout the eventful day. She remained to be beautiful and fulfilled as she opened her arms to embrace family under the bright sun in Glenview IL, as friends help tie the back of her wedding dress, and as she posed for her moment with her red roses always nearby. As for the groom, his patience, and humble demander towards properly putting together his attire really depicted his growth in life. With courageous eyes, and quaking confidence he looked into the camera as if he were looking into the eyes of the woman he loves to let her know that the time has come. The wedding ceremony took place at the sophisticated Redfield Estate- The Grove- Pavilion in Glenview. A place known for its genuine tear jerking beauty. The number of bridesmaids matched the number of groomsmen at 4, 4 other significant individuals showed up dressed to impress, with love and harmony. They were the maid of honor, best man, flower girl, and ring bearer.  From young children to elder adults, everyone wore smiles and appreciation on their faces. The performance was done by the couple’s grandmother, who adorned the event with soulful jazz music. Music from the heavens as our older role models are filled with wisdom and the angels of our tomorrows. Mariah and Matt were granted with many blessings and praised with hugs, cheers, champagne, kisses, and love by each other and all.


What makes a wedding? Well, there is no one description, there are many, but the common theme throughout all stories, is this. A wedding will always be beautiful when you are in love.

Copy by: Kyial Robinson

Photography: Vlad Vlasyc

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