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wedding photo at Botanical garden
Alex and Paula’s wedding photo session

Wedding Photos at Empress Banquet

Photo Session at Chicago Botanical Garden

The most important thing about a wedding is what? … That’s just it, there isn’t just one thing, it’s when multiple things come together perfectly almost poetically to make something that much more special. Paula and Alex managed to have a fully rounded wedding full of love, family, activities suspense, and the affection.

Paula and Alex had a beautiful wedding in the windy city of Chicago.The groom swept his bride off her feet in his smooth tuxedo, and the bride was the object of desire in her lovely gown. This wasn’t the first time we had a chance to meet a love so true, Paula and Alex had their engagement photo session in Crystal Lake and Algonquin about a year ago.

On this day the wedding started at Paula’s house in Chicago where every familiar face of her family showed up to show their loving support. Most of the families even came a great distance from Europe to celebrate Paula’s wedding. Bride preparation began at her parents’ house and then she was ready for a first look at Alex the groom, who arrived stylishly in a limo with his groomsmen. Family pictures were marvellous and full of flare and laughter. This wedding in Chicago was like no other, especially since our next destination was to take wedding photos at the botanical garden in Chicago. The bride’s maids and groomsmen were completely enthused to be at the botanical garden in Chicago which made for joyous moments. The wedding photos at Empress Banquets were timeless. Addison Il – the Empress Banquets, followed up as our next destination perfectly for a wedding reception.

The party was animated by a DJ. They had introduction speeches, first dance, dancing with the father and the groom as well as the mother. I can’t forget the cake cutting, the bouquet toss, the bridal party, and the garter toss, Paula and Alex put on an amazing show. The Romanian tradition of stilling the bride and then negotiating a deal with the groom and best men in order to bring the bride back was that of a story in a storybook. The party lasted all night until 2 A.M. and everyone left with music still playing in their hearts.

When a couple is united after thoroughly thinking through their decisions, their wisdom, their commitment, and ultimately their love can always be seen in the right photo. Good wedding photography is something special to cherish

Copy: Kyial Robinson

Photography by Doru & Claudia Halip




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