Wedding Photos at Ford House Michigan

                               A Special Moment in Time with Eliza and Mario

I first got to know the couple at one of their friend’s weddings in the Dearborn area. They were part of the bridal party to Dana and Tavi’s wedding and were a lot of fun to work with. I knew when they called me that we’d be a perfect fit.

The day started out really nice. The groomsmen got ready at the Sheraton Novi on Haggerty Road and the ladies got ready at Eliza’s parents’ home in Famington Hills. The groom and groomsmen were helping each other put on a tie and getting ready to go to the bride’s location. As the bride got ready, she was more than happy to show off her wedding dress and take a few shots with the girls. The ladies all wore light pink long gown dresses and the bride wore a beautiful white dress with visible lacing in the back.

When the men arrived at the home, it was a sentimental moment for everyone because this was the place where the couple first laid eyes on each other. The moment everybody was ready and dressed, they went into a limo together and were excited to have a Pentecostal wedding, in the Detroit area. It was a very big wedding with a lot of family and friends attending. The ceremony lasted about three hours and then everybody was invited to continue the wedding at Hellenic Cultural Center.

The reception actually was pretty short in comparison and by around 4pm most of their friends and family had left. The couple was actually happy about this, because it meant that the bridal party could go to the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House to celebrate with each other even more. This was the perfect chance to take some beautiful photos of everyone and to have a great photo session.

To give you an idea, the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House is a mansion located on 1100 Lake Shore Drive in Grosse Pointe Shores and is a beautiful location, especially for a recently married couple. The wedding florist, Emanuela Candrianu, actually went the extra mile and brought the couple a bunch of brightly colored balloons for the party. I can’t thank her enough for adding an extra visual appeal to the photographs and it really tied together the entire evening with everyone.

Wedding photos at Ford House in Michigan great ideas for wedding photos at Ford House in MIchigan

We had a lot of fun taking pictures of the bridal party outside and the ladies absolutely loved posing for the camera.

Photos – H.Photography

Flowers – Emanuela Candrianu

Venue – Hellenic Cultural Center

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  1. What a great location for a wedding, beautiful!

  2. Beautiful wedding photos and I agree beautiful location for a wedding!

  3. You captured this special day so perfectly for this couple! What great wedding photography!

    1. Thank you Sarah! Eliza and Mario was a great inspiration.

  4. What a beautiful story for their wedding day……….. everything was presented without flaw and it shows what H. Photography is a outstanding Chicago Wedding photographer that delivers stunning wedding day Portraits!! I loved see all of the pictures and all I could say was ” Oh, how beautiful” Oh, my what a beautiful bride and The Groom was charming and handsome! Great job~

  5. beautiful wedding photos – love the Ford house in Michigan!
    and her dress is to die for!

    1. Thank you Cynthia. The Ford House is a great place in Michigan filled with lots of photo ops for wedding couples.

  6. The Edsel and Eleanor Ford House looks like a gorgeous location for a wedding! A wedding photographer’s dream!

  7. Such a gorgeous location for wedding photography in Michigan! You did an amazing job capturing this couple’s special day!

    1. Thank you Nicole! The location and the bride and groom were so inspiring!

  8. That location is amazing, I’d so love to check out The Ford House, beautiful.

  9. Beautiful Michigan wedding! The Ford House looks like a great venue!

    1. Ford House is a great venue, indeed! The surroundings are very good for the photo sessions.

  10. Great wedding pictures, you are a very talented wedding photographer

  11. Such a beautiful wedding! The Ford House looks like a perfect venue! And this bridal party looks like they were so much fun!

  12. Beautiful wedding photography! The Ford House in Michigan seems like a lovely location to get married.

  13. What a gorgeous couple and lovely wedding. These images beautifully capture the day and are going to be treasure by this couple and their family. The Hellenic Cultural Center has so many wonderful locations for the perfect wedding photographs!

  14. Great wedding photography in the Dearborn area!! You captured their special day wonderfully! Great job. I love the balloons. 🙂

  15. What a great location at the ford house. I think the whole wedding photography is beautiful. However, I’d love to have seen the behind the scenes of the bridesmaid and groomsman climbing the tree for that shot. I can only imagine there were a lot of laughs.

  16. What a beautiful wedding at Ford House in Michigan! The photos by the water are amazing!

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