WEDDING VENUE INSPIRATION: The Haight – Elgin, Illinois


Wedding Venue: The Haight

When you flip through your event photos, years down the road, surely you will want every picture to be beautiful and capture the feel of that day. Whether you are celebrating your wedding, business event, or even your great grandmother’s 85th birthday, your photos should be memorable and capture the greatest highlights within that day. Other than your guests enjoying their time, your venue has a lot to do with making your photos a sight to see.

When choosing your venue, it’s important to consider what they can offer your event. It’s also important to consider what they have to offer your photos from the day too. After all, these photos are what you will have to remind you of that fantastic day. There is one venue in particular that we wanted to share with you that has a lot to offer, not only your event, but the photos that will last for many years to come.

The Haight in Elgin, Illinois is a lovely venue that offers a modern meets rustic feel. If you are planning a rustic wedding, a trendy yet modern business party, or just want your event to have the perfect balance of beautiful and trendy, The Haight is a lovely choice.

The Haight Elgin Wedding

  • The modern meets rustic appeal. Rustic is quite trendy these days, from weddings to overall apparel and décor. The Haight offers a beautiful rustic setting for your event with their custom-built farm tables and round tables, as well as their barn feel. Rustic isn’t all this venue has to offer, as they have a modern twist on their venue with it being a lovely city style building, and the brick walls is the perfect combination of each. You get the best of both worlds.

father of the bride

  • Artistic inspiration.

    A venue not only adds beautiful scenery to your event, but a great venue will help create a fitting ambiance as well. The Haight offers beautiful art placed tastefully around their venue that helps create a stylish, sophisticated feel, as well as inspires its viewers. From beautifully crafted roses on the brick wall to their tastefully put together lounge, you will be surrounded by creativity and uniqueness.

husband and wife

  • Lighting. On display are charming twinkle lights that add a pastoral and whimsical element to your event. These are a lovely addition to the venue, but you aren’t limited to these lights alone. The venue has the potential for many different event lightings that will fit your big day. It’s a versatile setting that already has a lot of beauty to offer.

If you are in search of a wonderful venue to help you create a fantastic event, as well as serve great use for your event photos, The Haight will not disappoint. When choosing your own venue, be sure that it fits all your needs. A venue should be more than just “pretty”.

More wedding photos from the Haight can be seen it at Marta and John’s wedding

or Daniel and Ashley.

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  1. So beautiful! Looks like the bride and groom had a blast! Awesome venue and great wedding photography!

  2. Oh I love this so much! I think it’s great that couples are choosing off beat locations for weddings!

  3. Such a beautiful wedding and wonderful photos!

  4. I love the lighting you captured in these images! Great photos!

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