WEDDING VENUE INSPIRATION: Chalet Hill Golf Course in Cary, Illinois


Wedding Venue: Chalet Hill Golf Course

A venue should be a beautiful and inviting place where you can celebrate your big day. No matter the event, engagement, wedding, anniversary or family reunion, your venue is where your guests will gather to join you in commemorating such a grand milestone within your life. Choosing your venue with care will provide you with the best setting for you and your guests.

If you are hosting an important celebration in the great city of Chicago, the northwest suburbs may be home to the perfect venue that makes your heart skip a beat. Cary, Illinois houses a magnificent venue that is sure to be a lovely location for your big day. From the lush greenery to the extravagant architecture,
Chalet Hill Golf Course
is an awe-inspiring venue that can create the perfect setting for your celebration.


  • The clubhouse.

    Stone by stone, great architecture can be built. Is there that represents a “fairytale” better than the beautiful, large stone building that resembles a modern-day castle? No! Chalet Hills Golf Course’s clubhouse takes the romantic stone architecture and combines it with modern designs, creating an absolutely incredible location. From high ceilings and tall windows to a charming outdoor balcony, this clubhouse surely does not disappoint.

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  • Lush scenery.

    It’s such a wonderful sensation to feel the warmth radiating from the ground, smell the fresh scent of grass, catch the sparkle of the sun as it reflects off the water, and have the pleasure of escaping the sun’s rays under the shade provided by the trees. With walking paths, gorgeous ponds, and rolling greens, Chalet Hills Golf Course offers it all.

  • Welcoming, yet grandiose setting.

    As stated before, your venue should feel welcoming, not only to your guests, but for you as well. In order to have a fun celebration, everyone needs to feel comfortable. As soon as you set eyes upon Chalet Hills Golf Course’s clubhouse, it may feel like an extravagant home away from home. Pair that with the warm and charming grassy hills and you have a welcoming, yet grandiose setting.

There are many elements that come together to create an impeccable venue for your event. If you are in search of a wonderful venue that meets all your event’s needs, Chalet Hill Golf Course Cary is a lovely place to start looking. You will certainly fall in love with the country club feel and stunning views.

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  1. Ooh what a gorgeous wedding! I lovetheir outfits!

  2. wow, what a beautiful location…goes very well with a kilt! 🙂

  3. What a cool venue!

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