Wedding Venue Inspiration: River Roast in Chicago, Illinois

Have you discover River Roast in Chicago, Illinois?


Wedding Venue: River Roast

You and your partner’s love could be compared to a flowing river. You have fallen in love and began your path. You flow through life together, taking on any obstacles together, encountering many unexpected twists and turns, together, and you never know what you will experience through your journey. The river also experiences these twists, turns, unexpected sightings, and obstacles.

You can allow your wedding to begin on the river, to symbolize the exciting journey that lays ahead. Luckily, there is a beautiful place on the Chicago River that can help you create the perfect atmosphere for the beginning of your marriage, River Roast in Chicago, Illinois.

We captured a beautiful wedding at the fantastic River Roast and would love to share the details with you, in hopes that it will inspire your own wedding day. To discover what this lovely venue has to offer, be sure to keep reading:

  • The scenery alone. Water has always been a wonderful addition to nature. Waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and oceans draw us in with their sparkling beauty and we can’t help but get lost in the serenity. At River Roast, you and your guests can be up close and personal with the river. You will get to experience the gorgeous water and hear the hypnotizing sounds of the waves. Not only do you get to experience the Chicago River up close, but you will have a dramatic, scenic view as well. Chicago’s cityscape is another awe-inspiring view that you can witness from every seat in the house. Wouldn’t this be a lovely setting for your wedding photos?


  • The history. Even if you aren’t a historian, you will certainly still love the historical value that River Roast has. There are many spaces within this venue that pay tribute to its historical value. River Roast is a historical landmark building, allowing it to provide rich Chicago history and culture for your big day, as well as your wedding photos.


  • An array of choices to fit your big day. When planning your wedding, it is crucial that you and your partner have a variety of elements to choose from. River Roast offers an array of options that will fit your wedding day, from their menu to their wedding packages. You can find the option that works best for you, and host your big day at a breathtaking venue. Whether you are hosting an intimate wedding or an extravagant event of up to 1200 guests, River Roast can accommodate your needs. Their private event’s team will take you under their wing to ensure that your vision is met, exceeding all of your expectations.

Of course, there are many reasons to love the historically beautiful River Roast, but these are a few of the very popular ones. Every bride and groom should be able to host their wedding day within a venue that fits them, and we hope that River Roast has inspired you.

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  1. River Roast has one of the best views over the Chicago river and their balcony is amazing, especially in the evening!

  2. Another Great Wedding venue!

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