Wedding Venue Inspiration: W Chicago – City Center in Chicago, Illinois

The W Chicago – City Center in Chicago, Illinois is such a stunning venue!


Wedding Venue: W Chicago – City Center

On your special day, you will certainly want to be surrounded by loved ones, great food, stunning décor, and all of the affection that you and your partner share. It comes down to more than just the food and décor, but your surroundings as well. The perfect venue will add a great deal to your big day. From your ceremony to your reception, the right setting will be extremely beneficial to your wedding mood, and your photos.

We have experienced a venue that may be perfect for your big day! With towering ceilings, fine detail, and pure elegance,
Chicago – City Center in Chicago, Illinois
may be the perfect source of wedding inspiration for your own big day. If you want the most exquisite venue to be the home to your magical day, be sure to keep reading to spark your interest:


  • Knowing the size of your wedding. The size of your guest list will determine a lot about your big day. This is especially true for your wedding venue. If you are hosting a small, intimate wedding, then a smaller venue will do just the trick. However, if you are hosting a wedding with upwards of 150 people, you will certainly need a venue that can accommodate your larger guest list. W Chicago – City Center has an indoor capacity of 250 guests, which is perfect for a large, elegant wedding.


  • Roaring 20’s influence. The 20’s is such a popular theme, and has been throughout the years. Flappers, feathers, sparkle, and so much more, the 20’s was such an influential time for our culture. The W Chicago – City Center’s architecture was inspired by this beautiful decade. With luxurious architecture and intricate details, your guests will certainly be impressed by the elements that this stunning venue has to offer.


  • Hassle free. One of the most frustrating and time-consuming tasks within a wedding is flipping the venue. Transitioning from ceremony mode to reception mode is such a hassle for the bride and groom. At W Chicago – City Center, they feature separate rooms fitting for each wedding event, such as your ceremony and even cocktail hour. You won’t need to spend your cocktail hour flipping the same room, readying it for your next big wedding feature. What could be easier than that?

Your wedding venue plays a key role within your wedding day. Whether you choose it for the décor, the amenities, the location, or even the special meaning it may hold, it is extremely beneficial to choose a wedding venue that best suits your wedding day needs. W Chicago – City Center is a lovely venue that may just be what you need to begin your marriage.

W-Chicago Wedding Photos here

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