Winter wedding Hoosier Barn Streamwood IL

Maureen and Brad had they wedding in winter at Hoosier Barn in Streamwood


Maureen and Brad’s Winter wedding at Hoosier Barn in Streamwood IL

I was their photographer for their engagement photo session and it was an absolute blast hanging out with the couple. I actually couldn’t wait to snap some great shots for their winter wedding and see them again.

We started with Maureen and her two daughters, Emily and Kenzie, getting ready at the Marriott Hotel in Hoffman Estates. It became a bit of an emotional moment when Maureen’s sister came in and saw her sister dressed so elegantly. Maureen was looking absolutely gorgeous.

When the ladies were all dressed up, we left for the wedding venue. The wedding was located at Hoosier Barn, which was decorated exceptionally. The barn had lights in all the right places, candles, iron chandeliers holding those candles, and real sturdy wooden floorboards. It was here where Brad was able to get a first look of his bride and he was absolutely overjoyed. We had a little photo session with just the couple and their kids and incorporated some snow into the mix too.

We spent roughly an hour photographing the family outside in the cold weather, that it was time to go inside, get warm, and take some pictures of the old Hoosier school. The couple got their kids to sit in the old desks looking bored, while they played school teachers. As more and more of the guests arrived, we moved the fun winter wedding photos to the ceremony at the Hoosier Barn. Maureen’s sister officiated the ceremony, as she does this professionally, and it was beautiful to photograph the whole process. Maureen’s son, Mathew, sang a song for the newly weds with his guitar.

The reception was also held inside the Hoosier Barn and I was surprised at how quickly the staff was able to move things and turn it from a ceremony to a reception in almost no time. The reception started off with some very emotional speeches, a few prayers to bless the couple, and then the newly weds cut the cake. Like I mentioned earlier, the lighting setup was absolutely perfect. The Hoosier Barn staff was able to form angel wings out of the lights. It was very creative and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of it!

the funnies face if Maureen when the snow hit her

Before the dancing begun, they had a slide show of the couple’s life together, which incorporated a bit of the engagement photos we took in early January as well as some of the wedding photos we took that day. The bride and groom then got to celebrate their first dance together. When they had finished, Brad and Maureen’s children sang a song dedicated to just the bride. It was very romantic and thoughtful on Brad’s part. Jimmy Styx, the DJ, did a fantastic job on keeping all the guests on the dance floor and everybody had a good time dancing with the bride and the groom.

To end the beautiful winter wedding day, there was a snow that had started during the reception, so the newly wed couple and I went out and took advantage of it. The couple played in the snow and also hid underneath their clear umbrella as they watched snow fall from the sky. Lots of special kisses were shared in between and overall it was a fantastic wedding to be a part of.

Venue- Hoosier Grove Streamwood IL

Coordinator – Leslie DeMoss

Food – David Esau – Dave’s Specialty Foods

DJ and Lights -Jimmy Styx

Photography : Doru Halip & Marian Nestor

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  1. What a lovely winter wedding!! I just love the snow pictures 🙂

    1. Thank you Heather!! It is fun and chalenging shooting in snow.

  2. What a beautiful winter wedding! Love the snow and the Hoosier Barn looks like an awesome venue!

    1. Thank you Corey! It was a beautiful wedding! The Hoosier Barn is a lovely venue in Streamwood.

  3. Doru, All the images are just beautiful and tell a wonderful wedding story! The bride and groom must be thrilled as well as their families. The night wedding images photographed in the snow are my absolute favorite – very romantic and playful.

  4. Beautiful winter wedding photos! I especially love the family photos that were taken before the ceremony, they look like so much fun and that they all get along really well. The look on the grooms face when he got a first look at his bride was priceless.

    1. Thank you Michelle! It was amazing to see how well everybody got along and how expressive the bride and groom were.

  5. Lovely wedding, her dress is amazing!!

  6. Doru, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You are so easy and wonderful working with. During the photo shoots you allowed us to be ourselves and guided us for some amazing shots. You captured impromptu photographs at the reception that will allow us to relive that day. The wedding day could not have been better. Thanks for your part in making it so special. – Maureen and Brad

    1. Maureen and Brad! I must thank you for allowing me to be your wedding photographer! I had great time and I was very impressed to see the love you two have one for another.
      Doru H.

  7. Amazing job on this hoosier barn wedding! You captured everything so perfectly!

  8. What beautiful wedding pictures! I especially love the nighttime ones with the snow falling! Gorgeous! Hoosier barn looks like a fantastic wedding venue!

    1. Thank you Kristy!
      We were lucky to have the snow on the wedding day.

  9. I love winter weddings!! The snowy photos are my favorite! Congrats to the happy couple!

  10. What a fun wedding!! You did such an amazing job capturing this wedding! I love it!!

  11. Lovely, well executed, wedding photography. I’m sure the couple are thrilled they found you to document their event.

  12. Nice work! It looks like it was a fun wedding

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