Wedding Photography at Orchard Ridge Farms in Rockton


Wedding Photography at Orchard Ridge Farms in Rockton  IL

It was great seeing Joe and Jessica again. We had met last year in autumn to do an engagement photo session with them. They were originally referred to us by their friends Ryan and Tracey who used our services last year in April.

They had the entire event at the Orchard Ridge Farms in Rockton, which was a great location.

When we arrived the bride and bridesmaids were already there getting ready and the groomsmen came to the event already dressed. The wedding theme colors were orange and teal, so the ladies had long teal gowns and orange heels on.

The wedding dress the bride was wearing was made by her mother, Teresa Grandchamp, and it looked absolutely spectacular on her. She had a very long veil, so we later incorporated this into the photo session when we had a bit of one-on-one time together.

Joe and Jessica celebrated a unity sand ceremony with the priest and there was a small group of friends and family that attended the wedding. After the ceremony was finished, we went out by the farm to take a couple of memorable photographs with the newly wed couple, the bridal party and family. The wedding photography at Orchard Ridge Farms in Rockton had officially begun.

The farm was kind enough to lend us a tractor, which Joe got to pose and carry around his friends in. We took some fun pictures with everyone near the tractor and on the field. There was a part in the day where the bride was lifted up by the groomsmen and she couldn’t stop laughing!

The bridal party went back to the reception and we got a chance to photograph just the couple together on the field. It had rained a little earlier and it was a bit chilly, so Joe lent Jessica his jacket to keep her warm. It was a very romantic moment.


After the wedding photo session, we went back to the reception where everybody was waiting. It was a very special night. The bride and groom got to cut the cake and there was a lot of after-party dancing going on the dance floor. The ladies had to take off their heels, because their shoes couldn’t handle all the crazy dance moves that were going on!

Here is another beautiful wedding at Orchard Ridge Farms in Rockton.

Photography: Doru & Claudia Halip

Assistant Photography: Marian Nestor

Hair: Lisa Murray

Makeup: Justine Loyosa

Flowers: Jason Williquette

Wedding Dress: Teresa Grandchamp

Wedding Coordinator at the Venue: Taneel Fraley


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  1. I love fall weddings! The colors are always amazing! Great work!

  2. HA! That football for the garter toss is such a fun idea!!

  3. These details shot are are AMAZING!

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