Outdoor Wedding Ceremony West Dundee

Outdoor wedding ceremony west dundee

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in West Dundee

Kristina and Tim contacted our studio few months ago to photograph their outdoor wedding ceremony in

Grafelman Park West Dundee, IL .

Last time we were at Grafelman Park it was at Mindy and Rob engagement photo session in Dundee.

Photographer: Claudia Halip

Kristine in a beautiful white wedding dress and veil just arrived at Gaferman park in West Dundee IL. I took a black and white portrait to start.
Outdoor-wedding-ceremony-at-Grafelman-Park-West Dundee
The gazebo was already decorated for 4th of July celebrations and we had to have a couple of shots of the newly weds in front of it.
We stood under the gazebo before the 4th of July to hear the pastor welcome Kristina and Tim into marriage.
Both Kristina and Tim could not stop smiling and laughing!

Outdoor wedding ceremony west dundee Outdoor-wedding-in-West-Dundee

West Dundee outdoor wedding ceremony
A small group of friends joined them for their summer wedding. It was a very intimate outdoor wedding ceremony with close families.


I couldn’t forget a quick photo with Kristina’s parents!

mother-of-the-groom amazing-place-for-wedidng father-of-the-groom

sun flowers in Kristine bouquet
A close-up of the summer flowers in a bouquet with Kristina
best wedding shot at Kristine wedding
I incorporated a lot of nature elements in here. The summer sun gave us excellent lighting and the grass was so beautifully green.
Bethlehem Lutheran Church West Dundee
Beautiful view with the Lutheran Church in background in West Dundee

bride portrait in park

Summer bouquet with sun flowers
The beautiful bouquet of sunflowers she had at the photo session and wedding ceremony.


Grafelman Park a great backdrop for wedding photos
Exploring the park a little with the couple to find more shots for their summer wedding.
Tim and Kristina hugging and kissing after the ceremony.

loveley-couple-Dundee north-west-sububrs-wedding Fun-couple-at-wedding photo-by-Claudia-Halip photo-session-after-ceremony-park-dundee

Photo session for wedding West Dundee
The couple walked hand in hand and shared private moments of affection with one another.

wedding-Dundee wedding-in-park wedding-photographer-Dundee wedding-photos-Dundee

Wedding portrait in Grafelman park Dundee IL
Kristine laying against Tim near the water fountain in Grafelman Park.


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  1. Doru and Claudia,
    You certainly captured the beauty and simplicity of a darling summer wedding in the charming village of East Dundee! Congratulations to all!

  2. This looks like it was such a fun wedding ceremony! I love her birdcage veil and sunflower bouquet!

  3. I love the candid moments you captured of the bride and groom laughing it up at their wedding. They truly embraced their special day!

  4. Grafelman Park West Dundee, IL is an amazing spot for an outdoor wedding.

    1. Thank you Michelle! You are right! Grafelman Park it is an amazing place for outdoor ceremonies.

  5. Love all these bright & colorful wedding photos, great work!

  6. Beautiful casual wedding in West Dundee! I love the polka dots on Kristine’s dress & the love shining from both of them. Her bouquet of sunflowers is perfect for this outdoor wedding!

  7. This bride and groom look like they are so much fun! I love her dress and her sunflower bouquet. East Dundee was the perfect spot for this wedding ceremony, and you photographed it all beautifully!

  8. This West Dundee IL wedding was beautifully captured. Im just in awe from the flowers to the dress, the cool veil and all of the post wedding couple shots!

  9. So vivid and cheerful! You can feel the happiness from this lovely wedding ceremony!

  10. What a great outdoor wedding! Love the photos of the bride laughing – so fun!

  11. What a gorgeous summer wedding! I love the simplicity of it! You did such a great job capturing Kristina and Tim’s wedding day!

  12. What a sweet and simple wedding ceremony in West Dundee. They are lucky that they have some amazing portraits to remember their day.

    1. Thanks Melanie. It was a sweet wedding ceremony, indeed.

  13. West Dundee is so cute and what a perfect place for a simple outdoor ceremony. They were a super cute couple!

    1. Thank you Jenny! Kristine and Time were a cute couple, indeed and the West Dundee location helped a lot to get great photos.

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