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Janet and Santiago

 Wedding Photography  Westin Itasca

It was one of those perfect Chicago days, with the sun glistening in the sky, and a couple in love ready to commit to each other for the rest of their lives. Our young couple started the day at the hotel Westin in Itasca, doing the final touches.

The bride had professional help, whereas the groom shared this special moment with his groomsmen. Once finished, it was time to step out from the hotel and straight into a lavishly decorated tent outside the Westin, where the Christian ceremony was taking place.


With the white and powdery pink roses, glistening crystals and reflecting floor, the tent was transformed into a gorgeous wedding setting, oozing romanticism and fun. The two little girls looked like angels throwing petals while the little boy carrying the signs “here comes the bride and “they lived happily ever after” was beyond adorable.

The moment the bride stepped in, dressed in a gorgeous long white laced gown, the heart of the groom stopped. Her beauty was overwhelming, and the love in his eyes was displayed for all the guests to see. They exchanged the rings, the I dos, and danced their way down the aisle, while every guest stood up to greet the husband and wife.

Westin Itasca Wedding

Photo sessions

Just as the ceremony was done, it was time for a photo session in front of the reception place. The family and friends showed their support for the young couple, smiling in each photo that was taken.

After the family portraits, the guests continued the celebration in the tent, whereas the couple chose downtown Chicago for their next photo session destination. Adler Planetarium was a perfect choice for the breathtaking skyline, whereas the Giant Bean in Millennium park reflected perfectly the love our couple felt for each other. Every photo taken downtown is infused with love, breathes romanticism, and captures the perfect time for one young couple.


Fun, fun and more fun! From the very entrance of the couple and their first dance to the live trumpet music and 5-tier cake cutting, everyone enjoyed this fun-infused, heart-felt laughing reception. Strawberry Champaign enhanced the whole experience. Whereas the bride’s throwing of the bouquet and the groomsmen’s throwing of the groom in the air crowned the event.

We hope that the couple will live their lives as perfectly, as their wedding was.

Congratulations J and S!


wedding photography: Claudia Halip

venue: Westin Itasca 

 makeup and hair – Kelly Bush

video: Ryan O’Connor

Dj: Pink Noise

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