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Rebecca and Jason | Chevy Chase Country Club | Wedding Photography


Becky and Jason were referred to us by their cousin Michelle Feldman and their friends Stephanie and Aj. We had interacted with the cousins and friends as we had photographed the two weddings and the outcome was awesome.

In the wedding itinerary, the preparations were to be done at the Hotel Westin Wheeling. Then the Chevy Chase Country Club was to be checked to ensure everyone was in place as the initial plan was. As it is in the Jewish tradition, the Ketubah has to be signed so as to formalize all that is expected of a husband. The general obligations include the provision of food, clothing, the conjugal relations and any form of payment in case a divorce occurs in the future. Capturing this as a photographer is essential as it is a form of reminder to the couples of this important day in their lives.

The wedding ceremony was scheduled to take place outdoor on the golf course at Chevy Chase Golf Course. Here we could see the incorporation of the natures beauty blended with pureness as the theme was all white with specks of navy blue. The seats and tables were covered with white linen and for the bouquet of flowers, they were in shades of blue which matched perfectly with the ladies dress.

There was an hour set aside for cocktail which started at 6 pm – 7 pm. The reception was to be filled by 7 pm as the guest were expected to have taken their sitting positions by then and it was done from 7 pm to 11 pm late in the night.

There were six people set to give their speeches during the ceremony, and they included the best man, the parents, the maid of honor and the siblings only.

During the cocktail hour, the cake was also cut. It was indeed mouth-watering, and the photo shoot ensured that this caption was not left out. Then came the first dance followed by the parents dance at 7.30 pm.

During the ceremony, the wine and the bread were blessed, and when it came to the photography session, everyone participated both in groups and individually.

Photography: Doru and Claudia Halip – H Photography

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