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Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Lilacia Park Lombard IL 

Let’s give it up for one awesome couple, who just so happen to be newlyweds. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Lara!  I thoroughly enjoyed photographing Lara’s’s wedding on May 30th at Lilacia Park  and (reception at Lombard Lagoon.

This is how the couple meet: Victoria and Daniel were both in the same plant pathology class, plus  they had mutual friends. They had a chance meeting the summer after that class, and then they ended up hanging out every week at the Sustainable Student Farm’s weekly dinners. Thy have been together since September 1st of 2019.

I asked Victoria: How did he pop the question?

“He waited until past midnight Christmas Eve/Christmas morning. He said, “it’s Christmas now, let’s open your gift.” I went to my room, where he had set up a very romantic display on my desk — candles shaped in a heart, a gift in the middle with nice wrapping paper. The gift was about 1′ x 1′ by .5′, so I didn’t think it was a ring. I opened the box, and therein was a message — “Will You Marry Me?” I turn behind me, and he’s down on one knee, asking my hand in marriage. I tell him yes, and quickly excuse myself to tell my parents and sister (all watching TV and, unbeknownst to me, waiting for him to propose). Then we all took pictures and celebrated.”

flower girl
here it comes the bride
wedding ceremony in Lilacia Park
saying bye to mother
Lilacia Park wedding ceremony
Wedding at Lilacia Park

Their wedding day was beautiful. Victoria said that her favorite moment was probably when her aunt Christie, who was also the officiant, said “may your marriage be as regular as this train.” Otherwise, it was lovely to meet all of the family.

groom reading vows
bride reading vows

first kiss
husband and wife
best outdoor wedding in Lilacia Park

Tell me about your dress. Where did you find it, how did you choose it, how did you know it was the one?
“It was my mom’s dress. My mother preserved it well, so when it was time to get married, I pulled it out and got it altered by a talented tailor at the House of Brides (got rid of the very long train and the bow and shortened the sleeves). We were lucky to find the tailor that we had — the first tailor that we took the dress to said it couldn’t be done. I was so happy to wear that dress — it was so much more beautiful than the wedding dresses that I see in the shop today.”

After the ceremony was done we took few more portraits with the Daniel and Victoria around Lilacia Park then we headed to the reception place at Lombard Lagoon.

Lilacia park wedding pic
Bride in Lilacia Park
Lilacs in Lilacia Park
Couple in Lilacia Park
Just married in Lilacia Park

A dip under the Lilacia Park sign
Around Lilacia park wedding photos

The reception at Lombard Lagoon was an intimate one. I asked Victoria what kind of food was served:

“Daniel and I decided to serve Indian food because we are both vegetarian/vegan and it seemed the simplest way to get good vegan/vegetarian cuisine. The dessert was cake, fruit tarts, and a tres leches cake (all vegan).”

What was the first song you danced to as husband and wife? Father-daughter dance? Mother-son dance?
“First song was Perfect by Ed Sheeran. It was very awkward because we didn’t prepare for the dance and that song is too long anyways.
Father-daugher and mother-son dance was only 2 minutes and that is much better.”

Lombard Lagoon wedding reception
first dance
exiting on bubbles

I wish Victoria and Daniel many more years of love and happiness!!

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