Wedding Anniversary Photography

Wedding Anniversary Photography with Radu & Roxana

A wedding anniversary is always an occasion that brings a lot of smiles, laughter and love.The wedding anniversary of Roxana and Radu was definitely one that presented all of these things in excess. The photos of the anniversary depict an event that was fun for the couple and the camera crew. This was not the first time Roxana and Radu had their photos taken with our studio. They were already clients of a previous photography session, and this added even more ease to working with them.

The couple wanted a new set of photos that would include their little son Matei! With everybody smiling and laughing, Matei was a star in the photo session. They also wanted to have two outfits taken during the photo session. This decision added more glitz and glamour to the memorable occasion. The beautiful couple opted for one set of photos to be taken with casual clothes, and another set with their wedding clothes. This proved to be a remarkable choice, as the photos came out looking splendid.  This was certainly a unique wedding anniversary, as it included not only the couple but also the bright and beautiful smile of their son Matei.

The couple had their professional wedding photos taken in their beautiful city in Romania. Even though the couple got married in 2010, their love was clearly still on display, as they couldn’t keep their hands to themselves. This is something that every photographer wants to see in a couple, as it makes the session a lot easier. This particular session was effortless, and the love did not have to be faked for the camera.

As the couple laughed at each other’s jokes behind the camera, their son Matei was having the time of his life and was caught beaming at the camera with his bright smile on more than one occasion. This little boy was incredibly friendly with everyone at the photo session and even worked the camera like a pro.

The couple had their wedding in Europe amidst a similar feeling of love and friendliness. Their anniversary photos couldn’t have come out looking more beautiful, as everyone’s smiles shows just how much fun everyone had at the photo session. Whish them lots of happiness! 

Photography: Doru Halip

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  1. Doru Halip, these photos are worth a thousand words! We couldn*t be happier! Your passion and your talent “wrote” in images a beautiful story: our 5th wedding anniversary! We love H photos!

    1. Thank you Radu! It was a pleasure working with your family again!!

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