Wedding Venue Inspiration: Adler Planetarium in Chicago, Illinois

There are many reasons as to why Adler Planetarium in Chicago, Illinois is a stunning wedding venue!

Adler Planetarium

Wedding Venue: Adler Planetarium

Have you spent your life mesmerized by the possibilities beyond the stars? Constellations, unexplored planets, completely new solar systems, even unimaginable galaxies? If you value the galaxy, you certainly are a creative individual! And, seeing as you and your partner are now engaged, you have something else in your heart that you are passionate about and cherish. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to tie the knot surrounded by the elements of space?

Choosing the Venue

Choosing a venue that perfectly represents your relationship and your passions can be tricky. There are many places within Chicago that would be stunning options for your wedding. However, if you are searching for a venue that represents your personality and your passions in life, such as the stars and planets that you have always held dear, only a specific venue style will do.

We had the pleasure of photographing a wedding that took place among the stars, so to speak, and would like to share it with other brides and grooms to-be who are fascinated with space and all the mysteries it holds. Adler Planetarium in Chicago, Illinois may be just what your inner stargazer has been seeking. If you want a venue that speaks to your interests and personality, be sure to keep reading to explore more:

Adler Planetarium Wedding

Love at first sight

Before you even enter the planetarium, you are greeted with a stunning architectural view. A great dome and intriguing buildings are the first thing you and your guests will see, and you may even fall in love at first sight. The architecture of the building isn’t even all that it offers. You will also have a breathtaking view of the water and Chicago’s skyline. It could be the perfect place for your ceremony, and it will certainly serve as a beautiful setting for your wedding photos.

Adler Planetarium

Custom menu for out of this world cuisine.

The food for such a spectacular venue, should rise to expectations. At Adler Planetarium, they work with you to create a completely unique wedding menu, from hors d’oeuvres and sweet treats to desserts and late-night snacks. You and your partner can create a wedding menu that fits your theme and preferred tastes, as they offer many delectable options. These foods will be so tasty, you will want to experience it forever, and although you won’t be able to eat the cuisine forever, you can certainly capture its beautiful appearance so that you can relive it throughout your wedding album.

Cocktails and more

With many venues, you will encounter strict rules on drinks and spirits allowed. Adler Planetarium offers bar options for every taste. Wines, Whiskey, Tequila, Vodka; you name it. Adler Planetarium has many different options to satisfy your celebratory needs. A drink or two can even help your shy guests feel more relaxed and have them posing with happy grins for your wedding photos.

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