Wedding Venue Inspiration: The Quadrangle Club at the University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois

If you are seeking a stunning wedding venue, consider The Quadrangle Club!

The Quadrangle ClubWedding Venue: The Quadrangle Club at the University of Chicago

How do you imagine your wedding day? Take a second to think about your walk down the aisle. What do you see? Take it all in, the sound, the lighting, the view, the feeling of the room; these details are what you can strive to make reality. Your venue plays a huge role in creating your dream wedding, not only with the amenities and views, but with the setting and the theme as well.

Venturing out to find your venue, you will be met with many of the same styles, from hotels to community centers. You can step it up with your wedding venue by choosing one that is unique and unexpected.

The Quadrangle Club at the University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois can be the one of a kind venue to make your dream wedding come true. If you need a little inspiration for your venue search, be sure to keep reading to discover why this one would be perfect for your big day:

The Quadrangle Club

  • Lots of room. Whether you are hosting a small, intimate wedding, or a grand wedding with all your friends and family present, you will certainly need a space adequate for everyone. Your space should do more than fit all your guests, it should also fit your needs, such as enough room to dance, a perfect place for your ceremony, and a lovely place to display your cake. The Quadrangle Club has enough space for all.
    • The Lounge. After your ceremony, your guests will need a cozy place to relax for the cocktail hour, before your reception begins. The Quadrangle Club’s lounge provides a modern setting for your guests to strike up conversation and enjoy your unique wedding cocktail. This certainly provides a wonderful opportunity for your photographer to capture your guests mingling in one spot.
    • The Library. If you are aiming for a smaller, sophisticated wedding, perhaps the library would be best suited for you. This could be the perfect setting for the couples that enjoy getting lost in a good book, and want their hobbies reflected throughout their venue.
    • The Solarium. The name alone is intriguing. One problem with capturing indoor weddings, is the lighting. However, the solarium offers a bright and cheery area for your cocktail hour, or other wedding events.
    • The Main Dining Room. For the majority of your wedding, you will need the perfect setting. Big or small, the main dining room can be an adequate fit for your big day, as it has an impressive dance floor and a built-in stage.

The Quadrangle Club

  • A tasty menu. The cuisine is, of course, is very important to you and your guests. From Hors d’oeuvres to entrees, you can present your guests with a visually stunning meal. The Quadrangle Club offers many delectable choices for your big day. With an array of scrumptious foods, you can develop your menu to be catered by the venue and thoroughly enjoyed by all of your guests.

The Quadrangle Club

  • Equipment for your event. Finding equipment to complement your venue can be a headache. However, The Quadrangle Club offers their own equipment that already matches the style of the space. They even provide basic set up and take down, so you don’t have to use your newlywed or pre-wedding time arranging equipment. From tables to linens, you will be all set!

The venue is the home base for your big day, and should be chosen to fit all your needs and your style. The Quadrangle Club may be just the venue you have bene looking for, now all you need to do is check it out for yourself!

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