Wedding Venue Inspiration: Bottom Lounge in Chicago, Illinois

Bottom Lounge in Chicago, Illinois is the perfect wedding venue!


Wedding Venue: Bottom Lounge

Enjoying a life of modern sound and the relaxation that it presents, perhaps there is nothing better to you than to enjoy the intoxicating sensations that music can offer. These melodies, as well as the good people that fill the air with positivity, all have the ability to create a memorable setting that will forever strike happiness with just the sight. A lounge serves as an incredible environment that meets these amenities for such a special day as your wedding.

So, if your heart yearns for lovely harmonies and a modern setting, why not combine the two? Bottom Lounge in Chicago, Illinois will present you with the dream venue that you have been searching for.

Lucky for you, we have been here to witness a wonderful couple declare their love. And, we would be happy to share with you all the elements that make Bottom Lounge perfect for your modern wedding:


  • A love for hockey. The spirits and mesmerizing music isn’t all that Bottom Lounge offers. If you or your partner are die hard hockey fans, Bottom Lounge can be just what you are looking for. The love for the Hawks are splashed all around the venue, and you can revel in the sports team that you adore. Who says a wedding can’t be mixed with your favorite sport? Whether you enjoy a sporty reception with great drinks, or go the extra mile and enjoy their bus to the game after your festivities have been completed, you certainly won’t be disappointed. Reflecting your passion for hockey within your photos is an easy task with such a perfect venue.


  • Mixing sophistication with creativity. If you have ever imagined your wedding day, you have likely pictured the sophisticated ceremony, elegant gown, and chic décor. Such an important event should definitely be handled with grace. However, that does not mean that you have to sacrifice your creative edge. Bottom Lounge encourages your creativity with an equally artistic space. This will reflect prominently within your wedding as well as your wedding photos.


  • A view to make your heart soar. You have probably lined up every critical piece of wedding décor, from your blooms to your ribbon. However, there is one piece of decoration that your venue is solely responsible for, the view! If your venue doesn’t offer a view that makes your jaw drop, is it really worth booking? That’s up to you. However, you won’t face this problem at Bottom Lounge, as it offers a panoramic, skyline view of beautiful Chicago. Won’t that look incredible within your wedding photo album?

Certainly, you have viewed many decent venues within Chicago. However, if you seek a love for hockey, creativity, and sophistication, or a view that will have all your guests gawking, then perhaps Bottom Lounge can help you start your marriage off in a memorable way.

Click to see a real wedding at Bottom Lounge Chicago!

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  1. My son and his future bride are looking at your venue for July of 2023
    I’d like to see your pricing
    So I can plan around our budget

    1. Hi Patty! I did replay to your inquiry via email. Is the wedding going to be at Bottom Lounge?

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