WEDDING VENUE INSPIRATION: Pinstripes South Barrington, Illinois

Pinstripes Wedding


Wedding Venue: Pinstripes

When it comes to planning your corporate event, your child’s birthday, your own retirement, or even a wedding, your venue requires a lot of thought. Not only does it need to meet the requirements of your guest list, your theme, and your style, but it should also add a unique element to your big day, whether it be through scenery or creative characteristics that it holds.

For those looking to throw an event in South Barrington, Illinois, we have a venue that may pique your interest. It also has its own unique flair that is sure to entertain your guests. From bowling alley fun to a mouthwatering bistro, this venue offers its own one-of-a-kind setting with a friendly and fun atmosphere, it is Pinstripes.

Pinstripes ready for wedding ceremony

  • Bowling alley fun.

    Throwing your ball down the lane, aiming it as well as you can and possibly putting a twist into it, you hope to knock down every pin. No matter the event, you can keep your guests up and active as they enjoy themselves with a little bowling. From a competitive edge to an all-out try as hard as you can approach, these glistening lanes aren’t just for entertaining you and your guests. These beautifully crafted lanes also serve as a wonderful backdrop for your event photos. Whether you and your groom create beautiful photos within the lanes or you and your closest colleagues pose for creative photos, perfect for adorning your desk, there is no denying how wonderful the bowling alley is for a backdrop.

fun couple playing bowling at their wedding
I personally really liked photographing Aaron and Lauren. They are such an expressive and fun couple.
  • A little bit of Bocce.

    A friendly game of bocce is perfect for all ages. It’s sure to allow you and your guests to loosen up and enjoy yourselves. After all, some of the most beautiful and memorable photos are the ones where the subject is genuinely having fun and enjoying themselves. Not only is bocce great entertainment, but you can create memories too!

  • Warm outdoor setting.

    This fun filled venue just wouldn’t be complete without a place to experience the warmth and get some fresh air. With outdoor seating, you and your guests can catch a breath of fresh air and relax as toasts and speeches are given. Capturing the emotions within your eyes as you experience the kind or motivating words spoken will surely provide touching photos. This is also the perfect time to experience their lovely bistro food.

Groom and bride listening speeches
The couples’ respective brothers also stood up and made a speech about their sister/brother getting married.

There are many venues that may do the job for your event. Some are perhaps more scenic while others provide a more diverse menu, but it comes down to choosing which venue really hits home for your own style. Pinstripes is a lovely venue that offers fun, delicious food, and a warming atmosphere for your big event.

Recent wedding photos taken at Pinstripes South Barrington can be seen on Lauren and Aaron’s wedding page 

or Randall and Dana’s wedding

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