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01. getting ready

02.her eys 03. ovidiu spraying parfum 04. Ana the bride 05. ortodox ceremony 06. echanging the rings 07. bride's bouquet 08. ortodox church 09. romanian wedding 10. photo session 11. Ana and Ovidiu 12. photo session 13.fearless bride 14. best man 15. bride portrait 16. maried couple 18. church walls 19. dramatic symbolism 19. held the bride in his arms 20.destination wedding 21. romanian church 22. Kodak moments 23. holding the bride 24. contrast 26. Love to each other 27. wedding reception 28. bridal party 29. main table 30. first dance 31. amazing dance 32. traditional wedding 33. the artist 34. the groom dancing 35. the bride dancing 36. stilling the bride 37. singing for bride 38. customs at weddingdestination Wedding venue Bellaria

Wedding Photography 

 with Ana & Ovidiu 

This Romanian wedding was contagiously spreading love, joy, and happiness to everyone involved. From dancing and karaoke, to romantic Kodak’s caught by the camera lens—the overlying theme in this unforgettable experience was tradition, liberation and undeniable climatic love. The wedding traditions of the bride and groom were acted out with exhilarating results. Surely, aiding the cheerfulness depicted throughout the photo session. Ana the bride, and Ovidiu the groom, both confided prominent roles in their best man and the maid of honor for the wedding. Guiding them like friends are known to do, helping, supporting, and showing themselves everywhere necessary. Even more so, their roles were to be like spiritual parents to the bride and groom. As a unit, divine unity in this uplifting ceremony took place at an orthodox church where the bride’s father is priest. The aging walls of the orthodox complimented a beautiful and dramatic symbolism to the heavenly journey that Ana and Ovidiu are on. How their path is built on a foundation, strong, traditional, like a church. That, as they grow, they will age on the inside but their love will stay just as sturdy as the building in their background. Absolutely, it is a reason why wedding destinations and photography truly capture moments, identities, and stories. The photo session begin with the bride getting ready at home, her eyes only concerned to match the beauty on her exterior with what she fearlessly feels in her heart. Each fiery exchange of eye contact between the bride and groom stopped time. Their body language spoke of comfort, strength, and wisdom as he held her in his arms with security; or as he wrapped his arms around her waist holding her away from his body, leaning her back to feel a freedom that women wait a lifetime to feel. Lighter photos were taken, where light shined on the friendship they shared as satisfaction with each other’s company settled into their facial expressions and gentle embraces. Energy, harnessed energy broke free every chance it could. From the classical best friends hugging, individual pictures of the married couple and the wedding reception—all of the captured moments exposed these sense that a chapter has been completed successfully.  The wedding ended by throwing the bouquet and placing the gown to a future bride to begin their starting chapter with the blessings of the humblest of energy, environment, people, and friends. We wish them a Happy Mariage!!

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Photography by : Doru Halip

Assistant: Andre Sandrino

Wedding Venue Bellaria

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  1. MULTUMIM mult pt poze. Sunt exceptionale, iar tu ai dat dovada de profesionalism. Mai mult, ne-am simtit foarte confortabil in prezenta ta. Daca ar fi sa mai facem alegerea fotografului inca o data …. cu siguranta te-am alege tot pe tine. Multumim si felicitari!

  2. Discovered your work today. Beautiful!

    1. Thank you! You have beautiful pictures as well.

  3. Wonderful pics. All pics are very beautiful but The bridel with flower is awesome picture

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